Will and Estate Planning


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Will & Estate Planning

Power of Attorney

Representation Agreements 

Advance Healthcare Directives  



What to bring to the appointment and keep in mind in advance? 


Please bring 2 pieces of ID per person so we may identify you. 

Please bring the ORIGINAL of your previous will(s) if you possess one. 

Things we need to know during the appointment:

  1. Executors, who you want to be carrying out your wills. We will also need their FULL Legal name, current address, and relationship to you.
  2. Assets including, property, banks, stocks, mutual funds, money owed to you etc. 
  3. location of your safety deposit box and who has access to it.
  4. For properties, we would need the most recent property tax documentation.
  5. Please let us know who you would like as beneficiaries. For each beneficiary, we will need their FULL Legal name, relationship to you, and their current address.  If your beneficiary is charity, we will need to know the organization's legal name and the charity's registration number.
  6. Please let us know if you have any liabilities, including but not limited to loans, debt etc.


Representation Agreement / Advance Healthcare Directives 


Representation agreements 

Please bring the original of your previous Representation Agreement.

Advance Healthcare Directives

Please bring the original of your previous Advance Healthcare Directives. 

For all documents: 

Please bring two pieces of ID per person. 

Please provide full legal name, current address and the nature of the relation with each chosen representative.

Power of Attorneys (POA)  

Please bring two pieces of ID per person. 

Please bring the ORIGINAL of your previous POA. 

Please let us know the reason why you need a POA. 

Kindly document your selection of legal representation by providing the full legal name, current address, and the nature of the relationship with each chosen attorney. 

What type of identification do I need to bring?

Two (2) Pieces of Valid Identification

One Primary ID 

One Secondary ID  

All pieces of ID must be original and valid (unexpired). We need at least one of the identifications to bear your photograph and signature

A combined BC Driver license and BC Service Card is considered one (1) piece of ID 



How long is the Will appointment?

AN initial appointment where you will meet with one of our notaries to discuss your estate planning needs and provide the details to draft your Will. The initial appointment is one (1) hour

Our team will aim to send you a copy of your drafted document(s) in approximately 2-3 weeks. Please note the 2-3 weeks time frame is only an estimate. Occasionally it will take longer to draft your documents.

The second appointment will be the signing appointment, where you will sign your drafted documents. The second appointment will be thirty (30) minutes. 

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The importance of planning for the future

It can be A challenge for your loved ones if there is no will or estate planning in place.

IN THE ABSENCE of a will, the time and cost to process the estate will increase significantly.

An estate plan will give you and your family the peace of mind and not have to worry about the extra expenses and time required to deal with your estate, all while they are grieving. Our office has many years of experience in dealing with Wills and estate planning, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

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